Face-time with potential buyers is important.

RecruitingDaily believes that small events create a bigger more impactful (is that a word?) outcome. Our events are designed to allow you to engage your prospects in meaningful 1 to 1 and small group setting conversations.

Great For

 Meeting prospects face-to-face

 Live in-person demos with key companies

 Creating relationships & conversions




HRTX is RecruitingDaily’s popular, participant-driven TA and Recruitment leadership unconference event.  Each city brings together SME’s (you) and the real leaders/practitioners in our space to discuss what keeps them up at night and how to make their work better.

2 Rules: (1) No PowerPoint presentations and (2) Participation

Preset topics based on surveys lead the day; interactive and coordinated meet and greets create a customer relationship that moves your team deeper into your target company.

We make it simple:

  • Dozens of local companies are represented at each event.
  • Meetings are coordinated for you to interact and pitch your solution.
  • Selected Influencers, real-time feedback from the industry and the opportunity to be in real conversations knock down the walls that frustrate the sales cycle.

2019 HRTX Calendar:

Atlanta 03/07/2019
Dallas 04/04/2019
Boston 05/02/2019
Washington DC 06/06/2019
San Francisco 08/01/2019
Chicago 09/05/2019
New York City 11/07/2019
Los Angeles 12/05/2019


Sourcing and Training

Live, tactical, and visual training by leading experts teaching you the techniques that range from growth to cutting edge. Real-time use of tools at the event. Our vendor partners will be expected to do a live demo to the entire audience and stay for the whole event to answer questions and participate in the overall training event.

We make it simple:

  • We will host just a handful of these training events to maintain quality and intent.
  • All training sessions are tactical and led by leading experts with a documented record of industry success. (Not social media influencers)
  • The opportunity to talk with, network, and demo all registered training participants. (ie. your voice and your product in front of a room full of recruiters learning and demoing in the “moment”)


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