Face-time with potential buyers is important.

RecruitingDaily believes that small events create a bigger more impactful (is that a word?) outcome. Our in person events are designed to allow you to engage your prospects in meaningful 1 to 1 and small group setting conversations.


HRTX Live is a full day recruiter and sourcer training workshop taught by some of the industry’s brightest. 

All training sessions are tactical and led by leading experts with a documented record of industry success. (Not social media influencers.) 

This event is recommended for recruiters and sourcers at all levels, as well as individual recruiters, staffing, corporate, and large recruiting and sourcing teams. 

 Live in-person demos with key companies
 Creating relationships & conversions
 Meeting prospects face-to-face
We will host just three of these HRTX Live training events in 2022: 

Dallas April 7, 2022
San Francisco August 18, 2022
New York City November 10, 2022



HRTX Virtual

Our #HRTX Virtual series is modeled after HRTX Live, just with a wider reach. Our global attendees enjoy live sessions with hands-on learning and deep dives from top trainers and practitioners in the industry.

Live, tactical, and visual training by leading experts teaching you the techniques that range from growth to cutting edge. Real-time use of tools at the event. Our vendor partners will be expected to do a live demo to the entire audience and stay for the whole event to answer questions and participate in the overall training event.

We make it simple:

  • We will host just four of these virtual events to maintain quality and intent.
  • All training sessions are tactical and led by leading experts with a documented record of industry success. (Not social media influencers)
  • The opportunity to talk with, network, and demo all registered training participants. (ie. your voice and your product in front of a room full of recruiters learning and demoing in the “moment”)

We will host four #HRTX Virtual events in 2022:

March 24, 2022
June 23, 2022
September 29, 2022
December 8, 2022


Still not convinced? Take a look at a few of our past events from 2021.

September 2021’s “Hardcore Sourcing” training event featured 31 different training sessions across two days with over 3,000 attendees.

View Sept 2021 Recordings

December 2021’s “Real-Time Technical Sourcing” featured five workshops live sourcing the five globally most sought-after technical positions with nearly 4,500 attendees.

View Dec 2021 Recordings

The 12 Days of Sourcing

Annually more than 2,000 people take part in this epic 12-day sourcing event. 

How it works: 12 Days. 12 Emails. 12 Contributors + a Webinar.

Users sign up for one email per day. Each will have an actionable tip they can use at their desk that day.

Topics range from Sourcing 101 to advanced coding and dev type sourcing hacks. 

2022 Dates are December 7 – 22


New in 2022! HRTX Masterclass

The HRTX Masterclass series will take a deep dive into favorite topics from #HRTX virtual and webinars. These will be short, intensive trainings.

January 2022
February 2022
May 2022
July 2022
October 2022


Sourcing & Recruiting Training

We take our HTRX training and Masterclass events further with a live and detailed private educational session with your team by an established sourcing and recruiting pro.

  • Online needs assessment & evaluation
  • All recordings and handouts packaged for your team
  • Sessions are 90 minutes up to a full day (or more as needed)

Train individuals or your entire team.


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