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Over the last couple of years our webinars have been one of our top performing lead generation offerings. Why? 

Because our audience is engaged, our email list is not abused, and we don’t allow sponsors to sell. Our audience is savvy. They understand the difference between great information and a sales pitch.

Great For

 Lead generation

 Branding / Awareness

 Positioning yourself in thought leadership.

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Educational Webinars

During 2021, RecruitingDaily will produce just 24 educational webinars. The topics have been voted on / chosen by our audience. The dates are set in stone. All you need to do is sit back and allow our team to go to work.

This is a complete white-glove service.

Educational webinars can have up to 3 sponsors per session. If you prefer to be the only sponsor on the webinar then our Branded Webinar series is the proper webinar opportunity for you.

What do you get?

  • Complete white-glove service, i.e., we do it all. We create the content, procure the presenters, execute the marketing, no calls, no endless brainstorming sessions, you don’t have to market/use your house list.
  • 400 Guaranteed registrations from every webinar
  • Branding. Your brand will appear across the webinar promotion for your chosen topic. This will include all marketing emails, display marketing, and social marketing.

We give you a guaranteed lead count so that the risk is on us.  LEARN MORE

Review the list below to see which topics best mirror your audience.

Educational Webinar Calendar

Topic and Dates


2021 – Recruitment Operations Best Practices Field Guide 01/19/2021
Candidate Experience Is Huge as TA Focus Shifts To Hybrid Workplace 01/26/2021


Best Steps To Automate Your Recruitment Pipeline 02/11/2021
Conversational Chatbots – A Breakdown Of Available Products.        02/23/2021


Stop Talking About DIBEE And Do Something – The Power Of Intentionality 03/09/2021
Skills, Learning, And Careers Come Together – The Rise Of The ‘Talent Marketplace 03/23/2021


The Flexible Workplace For Recruiters, Hiring Managers, And Candidates 04/13/2021
What To Stop, Start & Continue In Diversity & Inclusion Recruitment 04/27/2021


Best Practices For Recruiting Workflow – Sourcing, Messaging, Qualifying 05/11/2021
Is Highly Efficient Recruiting Always Better? 05/25/2021


A Successful Sourcing Tech Framework 06/08/2021
People Analytics Will Inform Recruitment Decisions At Every Level 06/22/2021


How To Become A High Fee Recruiting Contractor 07/13/2021
The Importance Of Real-Time Candidate Feedback – Now More Than Ever 07/27/2021


20 Most Common Mistakes Made In Recruitment Marketing 08/10/2021
The AGILE Process In Talent Acquisition 08/24/2021


Talent Acquisition Is A Business Function 09/14/2021
Eliminate Unconscious Bias To Source Diverse And Inclusive Talent 09/28/2021


New Responsibilities For Talent Acquisition And Compliance 10/12/2021
How To Track Recruitment Performance Without Micromanaging Virtual Teams 10/26/2021


Hiring – The Intrinsic Links Between Price, Quality, And Speed 11/09/2021
Effective Remote Work Hiring 11/23/2021


Faster Sourcing Techniques 12/07/2021
Talent Acquisition Has To Become Digital, Agile, And Data Savvy 12/21/2021

Branded Webinars

In 2021 RecruitingDaily will host just 12 Branded webinars. These are an opportunity to share your story, your case study, or research with our audience of buyers. We collaborate with you in terms of theme, topic, speaker(s), and the overall approach. These webinars will be on your stationery – so your brand will be extremely prominent.

We do it all: We’ll produce your branded webinar. We’ll help brainstorm with you on the topic. We’ll help get guest speakers, moderators, and/or panelists. We’ll build the presentation deck with your branding.

These webinars are topical and topical these days are usually about COVID, Post-COVID, not about COVID at all OR customer stories.

  • Webinars are 60 minutes long (45 minutes of content, and 15 minutes of Q&A)
  • Post-event, you receive all registration data and marketing assets, including the webinar recording itself.
  • We’ll both market the webinar to drive as many registrations as humanly possible. 
  • Options for polls and surveys during the webinar.

We’ve conducted over 200 branded webinars over the last couple of years, we have an extremely engaged audience – email list, social groups, and offline audience via our HRTX events. So, we can produce a high-quality webinar outcome and bring the audience to your content.  LEARN MORE

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