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Over the last couple of years our webinars have been one of our top performing lead generation offerings. Why? 

Because our audience is engaged, our email list is not abused, and we don’t allow sponsors to sell. Our audience is savvy. They understand the difference between great information and a sales pitch.

Great For

 Lead generation
 Branding / Awareness
 Positioning yourself in thought leadership.

webinars in 2019

Webinar Registrations

Average Per Webinar

Branded Webinars

During 2020, RecruitingDaily will produce 12 branded webinars. What’s the difference between branded and educational?

We make it simple:

  • You own the sponsorship
  • You decide on the topic and work with RecruitingDaily to approve presenters.

We collaborate with you in terms of theme, topic, speaker(s), and the overall approach. These webinars will be on your stationery – so your brand will be extremely prominent.

We’ve conducted over 200 branded webinars over the last couple of years, we have an extremely engaged audience – email list, social groups, and offline audience via our HRTX events. So, we can produce a high-quality webinar outcome and bring the audience to your content.  LEARN MORE

Educational Webinars

During 2020, RecruitingDaily will produce 24 educational webinars. The topics have been voted on / chosen by our audience. The dates are set in stone. All you need to do is sit back and allow our team to go to work. This is a complete white-glove service. 

We make it simple:

  • The white-glove treatment. We create the content, landing, registration, and thank you pages.
  • We procure the presenters and execute the marketing.
  • No endless brainstorming sessions, and you do not have to market/ use your house list.

We give you a guaranteed lead count so that the risk is on us.  LEARN MORE

Review the list below to see which topics best mirror your audience.

Educational Webinar Calendar
Topic and Dates


27 Tabs Every Recruiter Should Have Open On Their Desktop Everyday 01/08/2019
What You Should Stop, Start & Continue With Diversity & Inclusion Recruitment 01/22/2019


What Every HR Pro Needs To Know About Marijuana in the Workplace 02/05/2019
12 Proven Techniques for generating high-quality candidate lists 02/19/2019


20 Chrome Extensions For Recruiter Productivity 03/05/2019
A 5 Step Approach To Double Your Candidate Flow with Marketing Automation 03/19/2019


The 2019 Essentials Guide To Build an Effective Recruiter Brand 04/09/2019
The Truth About Cats and Dogs: What You MUST Know About Talent Acquisition Technology Today 04/23/2019


Sick And Tired Of Doing TECH Recruiting The Old Way? Watch This. 05/07/2019
7 Global Talent Acquisition Metrics That Matter & 7 That Don’t Matter 05/21/2019


Crank Up Your Recruitment Marketing: 7 Steps Recruiters Need To Take To Close More Candidates 06/04/2019
Move Your Passive Candidates to Active Opportunities in 6 steps 06/18/2019


11 Habits Of Highly Successful Tech Recruiters 07/09/2019
Grow Your Leads and Increase ROI: Candidate Nurturing and Conversion Secrets From The Pros 07/23/2019


5 Sourcing Hacks That Do Not Work and 10 That Do 08/06/2019
How Do You Solve The Problem of Recruiting Gen Z? 08/20/2019


Consumer Technologies & Recruiting: How To Use Tech That’s Not HR Tech 09/10/2019
11 Must Ask Questions To Ask Before Purchasing Talent Acquisition Technology? 09/24/2019


2019’s Recruitment Operations Best Practices Field Guide 10/08/2019
Master Technical Recruiting Workshop: How To Recruit Top Tech Talent 10/22/2019


Funnel And Lead Management For Sourcers, Recruiters And Hiring Managers 11/05/2019
Bridging The Gap Between Sourcing & Recruiting 11/19/2019


Film School for Recruiters: Video Content & Visual Storytelling Best Practices 12/10/2019
The State of College Recruiting: What The Emerging Workforce Really Wants 12/17/2019

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