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Over the last couple of years our webinars have been one of our top performing lead generation offerings. Why? 

Because our audience is engaged, our email list is not abused, and we don’t allow sponsors to sell. Our audience is savvy. They understand the difference between great information and a sales pitch.

Great For

 Lead generation

 Branding / Awareness

 Positioning yourself in thought leadership.

Educational Webinars

During 2022, RecruitingDaily will produce just 22 educational webinars. The topics have been voted on / chosen by our audience. The dates are set in stone. All you need to do is sit back and allow our team to go to work.

Each webinar is topic based and is fully hosted, prepared, and marketed by us. Over the last couple of years our webinars have been one of our top performing lead generation offerings.

What do you get?

  • We do it all: We create the content, procure the presenters, execute the marketing, no calls, no endless brainstorming sessions, you don’t have to market/use your house list.
  • Average 350+ registrations from every webinar
  • Branding. Your brand will appear across the webinar promotion for your chosen topic. This will include all marketing emails, display marketing, and social marketing.
  • Includes options for polls and surveys during the webinar.

Educational webinars can have up to 3 sponsors per session. If you prefer to be the only sponsor then our Branded Webinar series is the proper webinar opportunity for you.

Review the list below to see which topics best mirror your audience.

Educational Webinar Calendar

Topic and Dates


21 Candidate Micro-Experiences You Need to Offer in 2022 with William Tincup January 25, 2022 Register Here


Where No Sourcer Has Sourced Before: The Final Frontier with Dean Da Costa February 24, 2022 Register Here



20 Common Mistakes Made In Recruitment Marketing with Crystal Miller Lay March 8, 2022 Register Here
Boolean Beginners’ Bash: An Introduction to Sourcing with Brian Fink March 29, 2022 Register Here



Recruitment Best Practices In the Post-COVID World with Laura Mazzullo April 12, 2022 Register Here
Google CSE: the New Stuff and How to Use It with Shally Steckerl April 26, 2022 Register Here



How to Answer Candidate Questions About Your D&I Strategy with Keirsten Greggs May 10, 2022 Register Here
Email Deliverability: What You Need to Know in 2022 with Shally Steckerl May 24, 2022 Register Here



11 Habits Of Highly Successful Tech Recruiters with Alla Pavlova June 7, 2022 Register Here
Sourcing by Search Code (Find the code and you find the developer) with Greg Hawkes June 28, 2022 Register Here



20 Hacks For Recruiter Productivity: Chrome Extensions, Tools, and More…with Dean Da Costa July 12, 2022 Register Here
5 Sourcing Hacks That Don’t Work and 10 That Do with Jer Langhans July 26, 2022 Register Here



Eliminate Bias for Equitable Hiring with Daniela Herrera August 9, 2022 Register Here
Excel Powertools: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Best Recruiting and Sourcing Shortcuts with Shally Steckerl August 30, 2022 Register Here



Agile, Organized, and Productive Recruiting September 13, 2022 Register Here



Live Sourcing During Intake: Search with Your Hiring Manager While on the Call. October 4, 2022 Register Here
Texting Candidates in the Post-COVID World October 18, 2022 Register Here



The Ultimate Configuration of Your Remote Sourcing Team November 1, 2022 Register Here
Crank Up Recruitment Marketing: 7 Steps to Close More Candidates November 15, 2022 Register Here
Trash the Spam: Strategic Email Practices that Nurture Passive Candidate Relationships with Jenna Aronow  November 29, 2022 Register Here



6 Steps to Move Your Passive Candidates to Active Opportunities December 13, 2022 Register Here


Branded Webinars

RecruitingDaily will host 12 Branded webinars in 2022. These are an opportunity to share your story, your case study, or research with our audience of buyers. 

What’s the difference between a branded webinar and an educational webinar? Our clients use branded webinars to push their top prospects further down the funnel.‌ We’ll build custom messaging to those prospects, track them separately, and even make recommendations and send conversation starters after your event.

We collaborate with you in terms of theme, topic, speaker(s), and the overall approach. These webinars will be on your stationery – so your brand will be extremely prominent.

We’ll produce your branded webinar. We’ll help brainstorm with you on the topic. We’ll help get guest speakers, moderators, and/or panelists. We’ll build the presentation deck with your branding.

  • You own sponsorship and branding.
  • You decide on the topic and work with us to approve presenters.
  • You get a marketing asset that should support your lead generation efforts for 18 months on average.

We’ve conducted over 200 branded webinars over the last couple of years, we have an extremely engaged audience – email list, social groups, and offline audience via our HRTX events. So, we can produce a high-quality webinar outcome and bring the audience to your content.  LEARN MORE

These webinars are topical and topical these days are usually about COVID, Post-COVID, not about COVID at all OR customer stories.


  • Webinars are 60 minutes long (45 minutes of content, and 15 minutes of Q&A)
  • Post-event, you receive all registration data and marketing assets, including the webinar recording itself.
  • We’ll both market the webinar to drive as many registrations as humanly possible. 
  • Options for polls and surveys during the webinar.

Demo Days

Your story is important. How you tell your story is more important. Where you tell your story is even more important than that.

We know how to market to HR/TA buyers really well. We’ve worked with hundreds of products/solutions to help tell their story (and generate leads) along the way.

We’ll work with your marketing/sales team and build a custom messaging campaign to reach your prospect that is already in process or those that you are actively chasing (and those that may be evading you) to join a demo.

Plus, we’ll market directly to those prospects in the RecruitingDaily and HCMT name, with our content, and with our recommendation to join a demo session.

Here’s how it works:

    • You define your target audience.
    • We convince 5 of them that you have an amazing product that they need to see.
    • Together, we host a 1-hour session and a live Q&A.
    • After the demo day, we make a personal introduction to hand off and start a relationship

No Sales. Just Content.

(and an invite to join a non-sales, low-pressure demo)

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