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How you tell your story is more important. Where you tell your story is even more important than that. We know marketing to HR/TA buyers really well. We’ve worked with hundreds of products / solutions to help tell their story (and generate leads) along the way.

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Content Marketing

Consumers want to experience brands. Marketers want consumers to love their brand.  RecruitingDaily believes everybody getting what they want happens at the intersection of storytelling and technology. 

Our team takes a collaborative approach to reshaping the way users interact with your brand, building connections and experiences that make brands easier to love.  LEARN MORE

We make it simple:

  • Weekly articles
  • eBooks
  • Research
  • Survey
  • Custom Downloads for lead generation
Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation programs are built to share your message to the portion of our audience most likely to take action based on their current activity such as what they are reading, webinars they’ve attended, links clicked and interest areas that we’ve track over their membership.

Our automation programs are run on a quarterly agreement.  LEARN MORE

We make it simple:

  • A custom-built content funnel to drive awareness and lead generation.
  • RecruitingDaily will work with your team to define key targets and assets.
  • RecruitingDaily will market to our audience via content, social, newsletters, display, and email based on the reader’s interest and on-site activity.
  • All leads will be shared real time to your database (if your database allows) so that you can move the contact into the proper sales channel.

Done-For-You Email Nurture Campaigns

You don’t sell in an email. That’s crazy, we know, but it’s true. Staying in contact with vendors, customers, and potential customers is important, and we’re pretty sure that you’re aware there’s a lot that goes into high-converting emails.

Our team of copywriters understand our industry, what triggers the audience, and of course how to write content that converts. Our clients use our done-for-you campaigns to reach new, current, and “in -process” marketing and sales prospects.  LEARN MORE

We make it simple:

  • A custom 10-step nurture campaign written to engage your audience. This will include all images, content, and design.
  • A campaign workflow in which we’d recommend how to use the nurture campaign based on our conversations.


Dedicated Email Campaigns

Reach your audience with the recommendation of RecruitingDaily. In 2018, we’ve sent 9.6 million emails to share great content to our audience. Our messaging is not standard; therefore, our results are not standard.  LEARN MORE

We make it simple:

  • Take you best HTML, select your buying persona from our list, and share your message up to our audience.
  • We are marketers, and we understand the value of frequency. You will have the opportunity to send a follow-up message to those who opened your email but did not take an action within 24 hours to reinforce your message or provide more incentive.

Newsletter MArketing

Each week, the RecruitingDaily newsletter is shared to more than 35,000 double opt-in members from around the world. Educational articles, industry news, downloads, and webinars are shared in a modern layout that is easy to read on any device.  LEARN MORE

We make it simple:

  • Include your message, display ad, or video in our weekly RSS delivery to more than 35,000 engaged double opt-in members (limits to characters and message to preserve spacing).

Thank You Pages

Our perennial top conversion opportunity within the RecruitingDaily ecosystem. In 2018, our Thank You Pages converted at over 70% visitor to download.

The Goal: To capture the interest of our subscriber while we have their attention.  LEARN MORE

We make it simple:

  • We take your best offer and strategically place it in front of our readers when they are most likely to click or accept a secondary offer. Placements include webinars, RecruitingDaily content downloads, and most registration pages.
  • Target our subscriber base by keywords, categories, topics, tags, browsing activities, or actions.

Resource Center

Build trust and expertise in your brand. Our Insider program offers our audience exclusive access to downloadable content.

We’ll help you choose from your available assets and place it as sponsored content in our resource center.  LEARN MORE

RecruitingDaily Resource Center Placements

Podcast Sponsorship

Choose from four distinct podcasts with its own unique target audience: RecruitingDaily’s Sourcing School Podcast, The Use Case Podcast, The RecruitingDaily Topical podcast, or HCMT’s PeopleTech Podcast.

Sponsorships offered in 3, 6, or 12 month packages LEARN MORE

Sourcing School Podcast

HCM Technology Report

All news and nothing but HR technology.

The HCM Technology Report looks at the products employers use to recruit, engage and retain their employees, and pokes around to make sure the hype gets left behind.

200+ episodes, 30k+ listeners

Sourcing School Podcast

The Use Case Podcast

William Tincup discusses with guests how practitioners make the business case or the use case for purchasing their technology.

Each episode is designed to inspire new ways and ideas to make your business better.

150+ episodes, 7k+ listeners

Sourcing School Podcast

The RecruitingDaily Podcast with William Tincup

A series of conversations and interviews with thought leaders and practitioners.

Each topic digs into the biggest challenges faced in HR, recruiting, and the latest technology innovations you should know about.

200+ episodes, 10k+ listeners

Sourcing School Podcast

The Sourcing School Podcast

Brian Fink & Ryan Leary discuss sourcing tools, news, need-to-knows, need-to-use, and a whole lot more.

Class is in session.

50+ episodes, 8k+ listeners

Display Advertising

Increase your reach and promote your brand through display advertising on RecruitingDaily and HCMT.


  • Page Top Banner – 1400 x 250 px
  • Sidebar Ad – 320 x 600 px
  • Inline Feed Ad – 1000 x 180 px
  • HCMT Sidebar Ad – 300 x 250 px
  • File types PNG, JPG, GIF
  • File size under 150 kb

Design services available for an additional fee. LEARN MORE

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