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Most publications (online and offline) are driven by an editorial calendar (AKA EdCal). Since the beginning, RecruitingDaily has always had a loose editorial calendar but for 2019 we’ve decided to also focus on some key themes for our recruiting community. We will continue to offer timely and trending content every month in addition to this plan.

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 Meeting prospects face-to-face
 Live in-person demos with key companies
 Creating relationships & conversions
We Make Recruiters Better.
On a monthly basis we’ll change themes and go deep into the conversation creating a rich tapestry of many views around that one singular topic. And of course, we’ll ask our community to contribute to that theme from their perspective and experience.

Living With Expectations:

  • Articles written by RecruitingDaily staff writers & editors
  • Articles written by Practitioners (sourcers, hiring managers, recruiters, etc)
  • Articles written by Service Providers (RPOs, MSPs, staffing agencies, etc)
  • Articles written by Software Vendors
  • Product reviews
  • Product announcements
  • Conference announcements
  • Funding announcements
  • Book reviews
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Training
  • Downloads
  • Webinars
  • Surveys and Polls
  • Executive spotlights (5 Questions w/William Tincup)
  • Breaking news


Themes and Months

Our goal is to delve into a theme and highlight many different perspectives. The more perspectives, the better. And, that’s where you come in. We can’t do this by ourselves nor would it be as good if tried to do it by ourselves. We need you – not just to read and share content, we need to create content. Video, audio, articles, it all works. As long as it tackles the theme. Quite honestly, we’re counting on you.

Here is the 2019 Editorial Calendar:

January New Tech & Innovation
February Marketing and Funnel Automation
March Sourcing and Automation
April High Volume Hiring
May Recruitment Marketing
June Candidate Tracking, Metrics, and Analysis
July Talent Management
August Pre-hire Assessments / Skills Testing
September Candidate Experience
October Recruiting, Staffing and HR Tech
November Specialized Recruiting
December 2020 Planning


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